Nature Solid Long AJ – 27201


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Nature Solid Long AJ – 27201

The Nature Solid Long is characterized by its extended cuff, which also protects the wearer beyond the wrist. It is made from a cotton blend in a medium-weight design. It is not layered and has a good fit. The glove is conveniently designed to be worn on either the left or right hand. It can be used for low-risk light mechanical work in dry and clean areas, making it very popular for the food industry, assembly, packaging, and sorting work. The Nature Solid Long is also ideal as a glove liner.

  • Cotton blend, unbleached, medium weight
  • extended cuff
  • unstacked, ambidextrous
  • flexible, good fit
  • food safe
  • ideal as a glove liner

The Properties Of The Cotton Gloves

  • Made from an unbleached cotton blend
  • extended cuff for extended protection
  • Can be carried with both hands, good fit
  • since it is food-safe, it is suitable for handling food
  • for low risks in light mechanical work in dry and clean areas

Area Of Application

For the food industry, assembly, packaging and sorting work

  • Cotton Gloves