Nature Light 27242


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Nature Light 27242

The Nature Light is made from an unbleached cotton blend in an extra light version. It is suitable for handling food and is therefore used in the food industry. The Nature Light is also often used in the area of ​​assembly as well as for packaging and sorting work. As a liner glove, it offers more comfort when wearing work gloves, chain gloves, cleaning gloves or chemical protective gloves. It also provides warmth in cold environments and reduces sweating as moisture is absorbed.

  • Cotton blend, unbleached, extra light version
  • unlayered, ambidextrous
  • flexible, food safe
  • ideal as a glove liner

The Properties Of The Cotton Gloves

  • made of a cotton blend in a particularly light design
  • unlayered fingers
  • two-handed carrying possible
  • suitable for contact with food
  • for low risks in light mechanical work in dry and clean areas

Area Of Application

for food industry, assembly, packaging and sorting work

  • Cotton Gloves