Nature Extra Long AJ-27208


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Nature Extra Long AJ-27208

The unbleached cotton gloves Nature Extra Long are equipped with a particularly long cuff, which ensures optimal protection for hands and forearms. It is not layered and can conveniently be worn on either the left or right hand. The Nature Extra Long is ideal as an under glove for assembly, packaging, and sorting work. It is also food-safe, which is why it is also used in the food industry.

  • Cotton blend, unbleached, lightweight design
  • extra-long cuff to protect the forearm
  • unlayered, ambidextrous
  • flexible, food safe
  • ideal as a glove liner

The Properties Of The Cotton Gloves

  • Made from a cotton blend
  • Thanks to extra-long cuff protection of the forearm
  • Fit on either hand
  • Ideal for wearing under, flexible
  • For low risks in light mechanical work in dry and clean areas

Area Of Application

For Food Industry, Assembly, Packaging, Sorting Work

  • Cotton Gloves