Blanc Light 2725


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Blanc Light 2725

The Blanc Light glove is made from a bleached and soft cotton blend in a lightweight design. It has unlayered fingers and is a good fit. This gives its wearer a very good sensitivity in order to be able to carry out precise work. The Blanc Light is ideal as a low-risk liner glove for light mechanical work in dry and clean areas. Two-handed wearing also makes these cotton gloves comfortable.

  • Cotton blend, bleached, lightweight version
  • Unlayered fingers
  • Good fit, soft, ambidextrous
  • Very good sensitivity for precise work
  • Ideal as a glove liner

The Properties Of The Cotton Gloves

  • Made of cotton blend, soft
  • Unlayered fingers and good fit
  • Precise work thanks to very good sensitivity
  • Ideal for underwear
  • For low risks in light mechanical work in dry and clean areas

Area Of Application

For Gastronomy, Industry, Assembly, Storage, Packaging, Sorting Work, Quality Control

  • Cotton Gloves