Article 2715-D


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Article 2715-D

The detectable cotton glove Cotton Detect ensures more hygiene, safety, and product quality in the food industry. It is made from a blue cotton blend in a medium-weight design. Thanks to the layered fingers and inserted thumbs, the glove offers its wearer a very good fit. The sensitivity is also high with the Cotton Detect. Thanks to the sewn-in detector plates, the glove can be recognized by metal detectors if they are lost during production. In this way, the contamination of your products by foreign bodies can be prevented.

  • Cotton blend, blue color, medium-weight version
  • Sewn-in detector plates
  • Layered fingers, inserted thumb
  • Very good fit can be worn on both hands, high sensitivity

The Properties Of The Cotton Gloves

  • Cotton blend, medium weight
  • Sewn-in detector plates for detecting metal detectors
  • Layered fingers for very good fit
  • Two-handed carrying possible
  • High tactile sensitivity
  • For low risks in light mechanical work in dry and clean areas

Area Of Application

For the Food Industry

  • Cotton Gloves