AJ 271133


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AJ 271133

The Blanc cotton glove is sold in pairs. It is made from a medium-weight cotton blend. Layered fingers and an inserted thumb form the very good fit of the soft glove. At the same time, the good fit gives the wearer a very good sense of touch. It is particularly suitable for low risks in light mechanical work in dry and clean areas. The Blanc is therefore often used in industry, assembly, in the warehouse or in the catering trade for handling hot dishes and for setting cutlery without stains.

  • Cotton blend, bleached, medium weight
  • Fine and high quality work
  • Layered fingers, inserted thumb
  • Very good fit, soft, very good sense of touch

The Properties Of The Cotton Gloves

  • In pairs in the package
  • Blend of cotton, medium-weight variant
  • Fine and high quality, bleached
  • Very good fit thanks to layered fingers
  • Very good sense of touch, soft

Area Of Application

For Gastronomy, Industry, Assembly, Storage, Packaging, Sorting Work, Quality Control

  • Cotton Gloves